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In February 2017 the House of Bishops approved a set of safeguarding commitments for implementation in dioceses and parishes. These six commitments now form the foundation for all current and future safeguarding policies and practice guidance documents, including an updated national safeguarding policy approved during 2017.

The Diocese of Guildford directs that all parishes should adopt and follow the national “Promoting a Safer Church” policy statements supported by National Practice Guidance and diocesan protocols. These documents, together with details of training courses, are available to view on the Guildford diocesan website.

On our website you will find the following documents :

  1. Promoting a Safer Church policy statements adopted by the Diocese of Guildford
  2. The Safeguarding Roles of the Incumbent, PCC, Parish Safeguarding Officer, Churchwardens, Other Clergy and Leaders and Helpers. These show our accountability and what should be expected of the officers of our church.
  3. A Personal Safety Plan for those who may find themselves working alone in church, the Parish Centre or when visiting someone in their home.
  4. The Parish Safeguarding Policy Statement which was adopted by the PCC, in May 2020, and signed by our Rector. This statement is adopted each year and shows the responsibilities of the PCC in ensuring that current practices are adhered to. You will find copies displayed in the church porch and Parish Centre.
  5. The Practice Guidance for Safer Recruitment documents the recruitment process and DBS checking procedures for people working or volunteering with children and adults. Job descriptions, interviews and appraisals will be undertaken for all roles in our church.
  6. The Parish Safeguarding Handbook which brings into one place the key safeguarding responsibilities for parishes which are outlined in the House of Bishops Safeguarding Policy and Practice Guidance. It is not exhaustive but is designed to support the day to day safeguarding work of parishes. The handbook signposts to more detailed guidance that can be accessed as required.
  7. The Training Pathway currently advised by the Safeguarding unit of the Guildford Diocese. Up to date information will always be available on the diocesan website shown above. All training courses are free and anyone involved in teaching or training in our church is asked to attend a course every 3 years.
  8. Details of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor and Local and National support telephone numbers.

If anyone has any concerns about safeguarding at our church then please speak immediately to the Rector or, our Parish Safeguarding Officer, Donna Miller. It is essential that all attending and associated with St. James’ Church feel welcomed and included in all of our daily life. We are a family and, as such, we look after each other.

Our DIOCESAN SAFEGUARDING ADVISOR  is Jackie Broadfoot.        07918 559387