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The choir exists to lead and support the worship of the church through music, both at regular weekly services, and on other special occasions. It is a mixed voice choir of fifty choristers. Anybody wishing to join is made very welcome. No auditions are held and no previous experience is necessary. Choir practice is on Wednesday evenings in the Church from 6.30 – 8.00 pm for younger choristers and from 7.30 – 9.00 pm for adult choristers. Anyone interested in joining is welcome to come on any Wednesday to listen to a practice or they are more than welcome to join in. Our comprehensive library contains music of all periods and each week an anthem is sung at the Sunday Eucharist service. The choir has also sung evensong in Guildford Cathedral, St Albans Cathedral and Westminster Abbey on a number of occasions.

Further information about the choir can be obtained via the Parish Office stjamesweybridge@btinternet.com

Choir members why not join our secure office site to keep up to date with events! or if you are already a member then click this link to login

Voice for Life

Voice for Life is the name of the training scheme run by the Royal School of Church Music (RSCM) in which we participate. Young Choristers receive on-going training during Choir practice.

The first award is a white lapel pin which Choristers receive after initial training and settling into the Choir. RSCM medals on light blue, and then dark blue, ribbons follow. To receive these Young Choristers must show a commitment to the Choir, complete the necessary training as well as demonstrating their singing and musical skills. These first few Awards are tested internally. Young Choristers are then prepared for their Dean’s (Bronze) Award that is tested externally by an examiner from the RSCM. The Dean’s Award is worn on a green ribbon and this is followed by the Bishop’s Award (Silver) which is worn on a purple ribbon. Candidates for the Dean’s and Bishop’s Award are expected to work hard to prepare for their exams which include performing hymns, an anthem and psalm, having their music aural skills tested and answering questions about the Church and liturgy.

Further information about the RSCM Voice for Life Award scheme can be found at http://www.rscm.com/education/vfl/trainingScheme.php