Welcome to the website for St. James’ Parish Church in Weybridge. St. James’ belongs to the Church of England and is part of the Diocese of Guildford. I am the Rector (another word for ’Vicar’) of St. James’ and arrived here in April 2004.

    I do hope that this website gives you straightforward information about St. James’, the worship which is offered there, and how you can explore for yourself how best to continue your spiritual journey. The Church in this place seeks to serve men and women, boys and girls without any prejudice and I am proud that the parish family includes all sorts and conditions of humanity. We are not fussy as to who worships here.

    Our vision:

    • to offer worship of high quality to God whose love is recognised in the person of Jesus Christ
    • to help all who come into contact with the Church to find something of God
    • to offer a secure and non-threatening context in which to grow

    We are:

    • rooted in the Sacrament of the Eucharist, where bread and wine show the presence of Jesus Christ in the world
    • caring for each other as best we can without intruding
    • aware of our own shortcomings and long for more company

    Christmass Services at
    St James'Church   
    full Details

    Christmas Concert 
    Monday 16th December 7.30pm   Full Details

      Last Friday of the month Gig & Open Mic (8-9 pm)

     FREE ENTRY - CASH BAR - 8 till 11pm  
    St James Parish Centre, Weybridge  KT13 8DN
     Next session 2020  


    Tuesday 21st January at 2.30pm

    A 30 minute service of favourite hymns and readings
    followed by tea and cakes and a chance to socialize.    Details

    Guided Tours of St James' Church

    Informative tour of at least an hour, followed by refreshments

    Full details and dates of the next tour



    Saint James' Parish Church


    Please read our PRIVACY POLICY


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